Colour Psychology

Colour has the power to evoke all types of emotions in human beings. How we feel about certain colours can influence the choices we make and even the products we buy. Some people have a predisposition to the colour red. It is without doubt the colour of power and energy but it is also a colour that indicates caution should be taken, ie, traffic lights.

The colours we are drawn to also reflect our personality. If a person feels cold, warm colours appeal most and vice versa.

Each primary colour has positive and negative influences on a persons mind.

As stated above, red can be powerful, excting and yet aggressive in negative sense.

Blue is calming but can also be perceived as cold.

Green is the colour of nature and balance. On a negative note it can also be bland and uninteresting unless balanced out with another colour.

Yellow conveys brightness and positivity , yet can also be perceived as overly emotional in a large quantities.



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